this client is a self proclaimed hobbit and finds comfort inside. to best support her indoor lifestyle with fresh air and effortless temperature control, the house is constructed to meet the specifications set forth by passive house institute united states (PHIUS). more about the principles for this method of building can be found here:

the trapezoid-shaped floor plan was derived from pushing the perimeter walls to the site's setbacks and hollowing out a central courtyard for the family to enjoy the outdoors in ultimate privacy. many wood touches add warmth and character to an otherwise basic palette; old wood windows pull natural light through interior walls, large timbers with supporting posts are lined up to create a strong axis along the main corridor of vaulted living spaces, and custom wood screens supply subtle delineation between those voluminous spaces. the family is avid gardeners and enjoy an edible garden with a 20 tree orchard, providing fresh produce right from the yard.